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…beautifully directed by Joe LangworthLos Angeles Daily News

Langworth gives equal attention to each song, dance, dramatic and comedic element, allowing a gentle affability to flourish all through the on-stage proceedings.Buck-ing Trends


“Joe Langworth directs MTW’s West Side Story with an attention to details that a lesser talent might overlook, with even the smallest role honed to utmost precision.”Stage Scene La

“The ensemble, under the sturdy direction of Joe Langworth, is quite remarkable.”
“This entire show is Class A Number One.”
“5 out of 5 stars.”

“Joe Langworth proves a sturdy director/choreographer.”

“Langworth has indeed given MTW’s South Pacific the grit and emotional realism that made Sher’s vision so memorable, but one senses here an associate choreographer at last given the freedom to do things his way, and do them quite superbly Langworth does.”Stage Scene La

“…it is his nearly fool-proof direction that deserves the most attention.”Long Beach Post

“Ms. Osnes’s show, directed by Joe Langworth, had the fit of a carefully tailored gown for a star stepping onto the red carpet for the first time.”The New York Times

“Szot’s show is superbly directed by Joe Langworth.”Theater Pizzazz

“Director/Choreographer Joe Langworth keeps the show moving along with the great songs and dances, the funny upbeat banter of the girls and the poignant moments that only best friends celebrate.”The Catskill Chronicle


The Buffalo News“South Pacific, at
Shea’s, promises one
enchanted evening”
April 27, 2012